Applications including Resume giving details of qualifications and experience, names and addresses of two (2) references should be sent to:

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of National Security
Temple Court 1
31-33 Abercromby Street
Port of Spain Trinidad West Indies
Tel: 623-2441-6


Career Opportunities at the Ministry of National Security48.26 KBDownload
Manager Solutions Development and Implementation - Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit192.64 KBDownload
Manager Service Delivery and Support - Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit267.29 KBDownload
Information Systems Support Specialist (Trunking and Broadband) - Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit267.35 KBDownload
Information Systems Specialist - Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit265.89 KBDownload
Communications Technician - Information and Communications Technology Unit114.80 KBDownload
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Support Officer - Information and Communications Technology Unit37.00 KBDownload
Information Technology Analyst Programmer - Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit187.50 KBDownload
Hospitality Attendant - Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit42.65 KBDownload
Telecommunicator - Information and Communication Technology Unit41.62 KBDownload
Deputy Custodian Manager of the National Forensic DNA Databank - Custodian Unit185.55 KBDownload
Business Operations Assistant II - Custodian Unit203.87 KBDownload
Business Operations Assistant I - Custodian Unit133.19 KBDownload
Hospitality Attendant42.37 KBDownload
Driver, Courier - Custodian Unit179.96 KBDownload
Corporate Services Manager - Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management40.16 KBDownload
Mitigation Manager - Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management106.40 KBDownload
Training and Education Specialist - Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management107.08 KBDownload
Operations Manager - Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management108.09 KBDownload
Planning and Development Officer - Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management39.33 KBDownload
Logistics Officer - Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management103.54 KBDownload
Hazard Mitigation Specialist - Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management107.22 KBDownload
Programme Officer - National Drug Council104.32 KBDownload
Community Service Officer - Probation Services Division184.43 KBDownload
Senior Project Manager - Programme Management Unit125.21 KBDownload
Project Support Officer - Programme Management Unit104.30 KBDownload
Budget Coordinator - Programme Management Unit108.33 KBDownload
Senior Research and Policy Officer - Office of Deputy Permanent Secretary (Policy) 181.64 KBDownload
Senior Legal Officer - (AML CFT) Compliance Unit187.24 KBDownload
Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator - Monitoring and Evaluation Unit113.21 KBDownload