Criminal Injuries Compensation Board


The Criminal Injuries Compensation Act, 21 of 1999 was established to provide compensation to persons or the dependants of persons who suffered injury as a direct result of a crime of violence listed in the First schedule. The Board is given the mandate to evaluate and determine awards for compensation to such victims and/or their dependants.


“A committed Agency providing assistance to Victims of Crime with respect, compassion, professionalism and efficiency”



“To award financial aid to Victims of Crime and/or their Dependants in a timely manner and to make referrals to Support Services to facilitate positive recovery”


Crimes To Which This Act Applies

(a) Murder;

(b) Manslaughter;

(c) Wounding with intent;

(d) Inflicting injury with or without a weapon;

(e) Using a drug with intent to commit an offence;

(f) Administering poison or other destructive or noxious substance so as to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm;

(g) Administering poison with intent to injure or annoy;

(h) Offences under the Sexual Offences Act;

(i) Offences under the Trafficking in Persons Act.

Office Location

Head Office
Level 20, Tower C
International Waterfront Centre
1 Wrightson Road, Port of Spain


Tel:  (868) 624-4696
        (868) 627-2376                            
Fax: (868) 627-1761



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