National Mentorship Programme

In 2011, the National Mentorship Programme was launched as a pilot project, to provide structured support and guidance to individuals between the ages of 9 and 25. The young person (mentee) enters into a mentoring relationship for a period of one year with a responsible adult (mentor) who has been trained for that purpose. The mentors provide support and guidance to the mentees to assist them in making positive life choices and to cope with life’s challenges.

Since inception, 348 mentees were enrolled in the mentorship programme and 237 mentors have volunteered their service, at no cost, to support and empower the mentees.

The programme which is a crime preventative in nature, is spearheaded by the Ministry of National Security in collaboration with the following stakeholders:

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Social Development and Family Services
  • Ministry of Community Developments, Culture and the Arts
  • Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs
  • The Tobago House of Assembly

Mission:The National Mentorship Programme is committed to providing quality, site based, one-on-one, same gender mentorship to young people at the community level, through trained non-parental adults to promote youth empowerment , informed youth decision making, enhance youth social, educational and occupational functioning, positive mental health and good citizenship.

Vision:The National Mentorship Programme envisions a society where young people despite their socio- economic status are able to realise their full people despite their socio-economic status are able to realise their full potential and are capable and committed to national development.


  • To provide a support system for ‘at risk’ youth.
  • To encourage individuals to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, perception and behaviours.
  • To teach individuals new and more positive ways of relating to their peers.
  • To enable youth to strengthen their leadership and management skills and widen their career opportunities.
  • To promote community wellness by inculcating sound values and positive attitude.


How to Become a Mentor

The Ministry of National Security is inviting responsible citizens to become potential mentors. 

Anyone over 21 years of age can become a mentor once they have successfully completed the 5-stage Recruitment process that consists of:

  •  Application
  • Face-to-Face Interview
  • Police Background Check 
  • Psychological Testing
  •  A 30 contact hour Training Programme

Mentors are unpaid volunteers who Steps Up, Reaches Out and Takes On a youth and support their positive development.

How does a youth become part of the Mentorship Programme?

Youth between the ages of 9 and 25 are referred to the Programme by Student Support Services of the Ministry of Education, or by juvenile homes or correctional institutions/agencies. Parents/ Guardians can also directly enrol their children in the programme. Once enrolled, the youth are oriented to the programme through a 6-10 day residential camp, after which they are paired with a mentor for a 1-year period.

The mentee application form can be downloaded HERE

Mentoring Relationships

Once a mentee is paired with a mentor, they enter into a mentoring relationship for one year. The mentors and mentees meet once per week, for a 2 hour period at a location which is convenient and safe for both mentee and mentor, for example, Community Centres.  Monitoring Officers from the National Mentorship Programme supervises the mentoring relationship providing the necessary guidance and support.

If you want to become an advocate for youths you can complete the attached registration form and email the completed application form to

The mentor application form can be downloaded HERE


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

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